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Online Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

Search engines are becoming more and more intelligent every day. While flooding the internet with backlinks used to be and is still somewhat the best way to promote a site, too much can cause the site to lose ranking because the links are registered as spam by the search engine programming. Once a site is flagged as a spamming site, it will be lost in the search engine abyss forever.

You can rest assured that 2PTTechnology has devoted significant time into not only figuring out how search engines work, but mastering the ability to leap frog over sites to create a visible online presence.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is an art form in and of itself. It takes a true understanding of how the “machine” works in order to be able to manipulate it in your favor. By using a solid SEO approach that mimics the exact way that search engines work, your site will gradually climb the ranks and get rooted on page one. We are not in this with you for a quick appearance on the front page.

A solid SEO ranking is not going to happen overnight. Look at it as the same process of building a skyscraper. There must be a solid foundation that is created before anything else. Once the foundation is in place, the building can be erected with an appearance that turns heads and finally, the inside of the building is finished to create a space that people are dying to get into.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is a necessity for a new Web site owner, but it must be done correctly. Far too many people get involved in PPC campaigns without fully comprehending how much money can be lost if the campaign is not put together properly.

In order for PPC to be effective, your ads must show up on the right pages and in the right position. Keyword selection is critical as is the amount that is willing to be paid per click. The idea behind using PPC is to convert a large amount of clicks to actual sales to justify the costs of advertising in this manner. In order to do this, it takes extensive research to be sure that ads will be effective when placed.

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