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Our Process

Introduce yourself to our unique approach. Let our industry experience satisfy your curiousity regarding project delivery. We call it "D N A", it is the essence of what our company is built on. Our process plays a primary role in our clients’ success. The transition from one phase to the next is both seamless and superior. Familiarize yourself with the process and you will obtain a clearer image of both the path and goal of your project, bringing it one step closer to its reality.



Think of this as the initial “meet and greet” phase. We allocate as much time that is necessary to understand your ideas, goals and overall business objectives.


After gathering all the information needed to fully understand your project, we provide a concrete and detailed proposal with creative and effective ideas.


We would schedule a review session where we clarify certain aspects and answer any questions you may hav. Now we officially start our business relationship and begin the drive to success!



Our main objective in the initial phase is to create and provide documentation and wireframes of your site’s overall framework and functionality. Once all approved, we move forward with the actual development.


Your dedicated designer will manifest all the ideas and intricate details regarding site ambiance and overall look and feel that we have discussed until now.


We will start with the front end development where we mark up the design files, move onto the functional and database development.


We are now ready to provide the beta version of your site. The ball is now on your court as we await final feedback prior to going live.

Publish live

We now publish your live site.



We view ourselves as your development partner and view your site’s success as our primary objective.

Marketing Campaigns (PPC)

Let our experienced team take your business to the next level by increasing your site’s online exposure.

Results & Analytics

During the marketing campaign, our team will be measuring results (i.e. traffic generation, conversion rates and quality of leads) and implementing the necessary changes and updates to further foster the growth of your business.

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